Faithful by Kimberly Cash Tate Book Review

“Faithful” is a story about Cydney Sanders and her friends, who are severely tested in their faith and must determine in their hearts if they will remain Faithful to God. Cydney starts to doubt the faithfulness of God as her 40th birthday draws near and she is still unmarried. To make matters worse she is to be the maid of honor at her younger sister’s wedding…on her birthday. Soon Cydney meets a man that is the complete opposite of what she wants in a husband. Yet there is something about him that catches her off guard and catches her heart, starting with a special symbol shared between them that symbolizes this unlikely beau’s growing love for her.

Cydney’s friend Dana is sent on an emotional tailspin after finding out that her perfect husband has been having an affair. Bringing her to the sudden and painful realization that what she thought was a perfect marriage really isn’t.

Phyllis grows weary as she must deal with the an unbelieving husband and doubts whether her prayers for him to come to Christ will be answered. Soon her faithfulness to God and her husband is tested even more after she reconnects with an old Christian friend, who is everything that her husband is not. Putting her in a position to decide whether she will stay with the one she’s married to or move on to the one that is slowly capturing her heart.

Faithful is an exceptional book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would most definitely read it again. This is the first ever book that I have read by Kimberly Cash Tate, and I have to say that she has just gained a new fan. She most definitely kept God first in her storytelling. It was refreshing. Many authors just think that if you sprinkle the name of God in every now and again that makes the book “Christian.” That is completely untrue. Kimberly Cash Tate stayed Faithful to God in the writing of this book and it was appreciated.

The story was clean, fresh and real and reminded me that God NEVER gives us more than we can handle. God is always Faithful. So we as believers should always be faithful to Him.

I would highly recommend this book to anybody, the saved and the unsaved. Anyone can relate to these characters. They were highly relatable and real. This book gets a 10! Run out and get your copy today!

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