Gilani Taylor – A Fiery Tragedy

“It was her choice to go. I told her that if she wanted to go be with Jayla, it was alright and she went. God is good and I am at perfect peace with her decision!” — Rodney Taylor to their Pastor after Gilani passed away

Gilani has gone home to the Lord now. But she will never be forgotten. Not by me or any of the others whose hearts and lives she touched. Gilani fought the good fight of faith. She finished the race. Now she is at rest and peace. She is where she wants to be in Heaven with God and Jayla. She is whole again as is Jayla. She’s singing again. This time in a heavenly choir. She’s happy and smiling again. I know that it’s sad that she’s gone. But be happy for her. Gilani, as well as Jayla, are experiencing a joy that is indescribable. Continue to pray for the family. Their hearts break, but there is joy too. Pray for those whose lives have been changed by Gilani and Jayla but have never met them. Don’t be angry with God because He called her home. This was His will. He wanted her with Him. Gilani and Jayla are in a better place now. So rejoice for them in your sadness and grief. There is no better place to be than with Jesus! 🙂 Even though we really want them here.

Please visit to learn where to send financial support to the family to help cover Gilani’s Memorial Service Expenses and any medical bills. Please also keep Gilani’s dream alive of releasing her album “Take a Picture.” She was in the process of raising the funds to do so before the accident. To contribute to the fund, that was set up before the accident click here Gilani Taylor Debut Album Fundraiser Her single “For You” can be purchased through iTunes by clicking here Gilani Taylor Single “For You”

I’m so happy that my life was touched by Gilani and Jayla. I’m sad about the circumstances but still grateful. When I meet them in Heaven one day I will tell them and God thank you.

If you don’t know about Gilani and Jayla’s story please scroll down to read the original article. And share it with others through Facebook and Twitter and the like so that as many people will know their story as possible and so that no one will ever forget them. I know that I never will.

We like to think the Lord is slow when we are waiting on a blessing. Yet we count on that slowness when He is waiting 4 us 2 get it together — Gilani Taylor on her Twitter page September 23, 2011

God bless you all,

Haneefah Turner

Quick Update October 25, 2011 7:55 PM: If you live in California and you want to attend, Gilani’s Homegoing service is this coming Friday October 28, 2011 at 11:00 AM at Shepard of the Hills 19700 Rinaldi Street Porter Ranch, CA 91326. God bless everyone!

Gilani Taylor passed away about 5 hours ago at about 6:00 PM or 6:30 PM Pacific Time October 21, 2011 Friday. She is now with Jesus and her baby girl Jayla. Please pray for her husband Rodney and her surviving daughter Amiya, also known as Mimi, who was not in the car that fateful and tragic day, as well as their son Milan. Please don’t ever forget Gilani. Continue to pray that the person that has killed Gilani and Jayla will be caught, so that he or she can pay the price for what they’ve done and go to jail.

The person was driving a white, 2000’s model SUV on the 101 Freeway under the Las Virgenes Overpass October 1, 2011 Saturday at around 8:32 AM. If you know ANYTHING please report it to the CHP at 818-240-8200. Thank you! God bless you!

Quick update! Gilani’s condition is very bad. If you’ve read the recent update Gilani Taylor Update you know about her having gone into cardiac arrest this past Monday October 17, 2011. Now the doctors have said that there isn’t much more that they can do. It is completely in God’s hands. Gilani’s Pastor posted on his Twitter page this message today Friday October 21, 2011 at 3:00 PM “Doctors have now put Sister Lani’s life in God’s Hands. I’m SO glad that she did the same thing 2 and a half yrs ago! PRAY! MIRACLE TIME” So please continue to pray with all you’ve got! Keep lifting Gilani in prayer. Thank you and God bless you!

Life can change in an instant. Sometimes tragically, and in the most horrendous way. That’s what happened to Gilani Taylor and her daughter Jayla last Saturday October 1, 2011 on the 101 Freeway at 8:32 AM near Calabasas, California in Los Angeles County. Gilani (pronounced Gi-law-nee) Taylor, an up and coming 27 year old Belizean-American R&B singer from Oxnard, California, and her 9 year old daughter were on their way to a church function when tragedy struck.

A driver clipped Gilani’s car from behind causing her to lose control of the car. The car slammed into the back of a tanker truck carrying liquid nitrogen, flipped over, slid 20 feet on it’s roof and burst into flames. The car was completely engulfed in a matter of seconds. Both Gilani and her daughter were wearing their seat belts. Gilani was able to escape from the vehicle, all the while calling out for her daughter who was still trapped inside. But her baby girl Jayla burned to death because the flames were too intense for anyone to even get near enough to the car to save her.

Jayla Mejiah Taylor - Gilani's daughter

Some Good Samaritans helped Gilani as she was crawling from the car on her elbows, flesh falling from her badly burned body. They all crowded around her, took off their shirts and beat off the flames as well as poured their bottled water onto her body to help extinguish the flames. It was a gruesome sight and terribly heartbreaking.

Now Gilani is in the hospital fighting for her life. She has 3rd degree burns on 95% of her body. Only the soles of her feet were spared from the vicious flames. Her lungs have also been burned. She is on a respirator. And doctors don’t expect her to survive. Her skin will neither heal nor regenerate, and she will need extensive skin-grafting all over her body. Last I heard she still did not know of the death of her daughter Jayla.

Gilani was set to embark on her solo career and was actually looking for backup singers just days before her accident. She was set to perform this Sunday at the Crave Lounge in Ventura to promote her album that Gilani was raising funds in order to release her debut album titled “Take A Picture” independently. She was excited and the future looked bright. Her music video “I Know” debuted September 21, 2011 on Youtube. Everything was coming together. Now everything has changed.

If you were on the freeway that day, or you know what happened please report it to the police so that the hit and run driver that caused so much pain and suffering can be caught. The accident took place Saturday October 1, 2011 at around 8:32 AM on the 101 Freeway. A witness says that Gilani was hit by a person driving a white, early 2000’s model SUV. The person was driving east on the 101 under the Las Virgenes Road Overpass. If you know anything please report it immediately.

Please take a moment to pray for this woman of God, Gilani Taylor. Please pray that the hit and run driver that caused this accident will either be caught or turns his/herself in. Please pray for her to be healed and for strength to overcome the obstacles ahead should the Lord bless her to live. Pray for her husband Rodney Taylor and young daughter Mimi Taylor, and young son Milan, who love her and are scared for her and heartbroken over the lose of Jayla. And please pray for the rest of her family and friends as they grapple with this terrible tragedy and the loss of poor Jayla, who I know is with the Lord Jesus.

Pray for the men that jumped out of their cars, took off their shirts and put out the fire on Gilani’s burning body. I know that they are suffering over what the saw and are deeply affected as well by this tragedy. And pray that the doctors will use their skills to do all that they can to help Gilani, even though they think the situation is hopeless. With God no situation is ever hopeless. There is always hope.

I am so heartbroken by what has happened even though I have never met Gilani. I know that the pain she will feel over the lose of her child will be tremendous. And that her own physical pain will be unimaginable. But I know that God is faithful and will make everything alright. God always makes a way. Things will never be the same. But I know that He will give Gilani the strength and the grace to overcome and endure as well as her family.

Please visit Gilani’s Facebook page and join the many others that have rallied around her in her time of need to leave her prayers and well wishes. Her page is at A lot of times when a famous person is sick, injured or has died, people bend over backwards to say kind words and lift up prayers. But, when the person is unknown, like Gilani, the world doesn’t care. Gilani is a person as well, a Child of God, and she is not less than because she is unknown. Please take a moment to think of her and her family and pray for them. They really need a lot of prayer right now.

If you would like to send cards and letters of condolences, or to give financially to the family to help pay for Jayla’s Homegoing service, and to help pay for Gilani’s medical care, you can visit the website for the trust set up by the Taylor family in honor of Jayla Taylor at There you will find the necessary contact information on where to send your gifts to.

You can also send cards to Gilani in the hospital. (No flowers allowed). Send cards to: Burn Unit C/O Gilani Taylor Southern California Regional Burn Center LAC+USC Healthcare Network Inpatient Tower, 5th Floor 1200 North State Street Los Angeles, California 90033. Her room number can not be given to the public. But if you send cards to this address she will receive them! Remember, no flowers please.

Please keep the family in mind and pray for them to have strength as they celebrate Jayla’s short life at her Home-going service tomorrow October 7, 2011 Friday. I know that it will be a very painful and gut-wrenching day for the family.

Please also share this post on your Twitter, Facebook and Myspace pages and tell others about this woman and to pray for her. She needs as many of her Brothers and Sisters in Christ as possible to hold her up in prayer. Because when one of us hurts, we all hurt.

“As soon as I stop.worrying, worrying how my story ends when I let go.& I let God let God have His way. Put it in His hands & tke urs off it!” —- Gilani Taylor September 27, 2011 Twitter.

Thank you for reading this post. I will keep you updated.

For a more recent update please click here Gilani Taylor Update

Lord bless you all!

The copyright to the promotional photographs and the photograph of Jayla Taylor in this post belong to Gilani Taylor.

Haneefah Turner Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved. Do not reprint or copy this post without permission. Thank you.

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  • S

    I have thought of “this woman” everyday since I had to take another route that saturday morning. I googled this today and I am just so sad. I have cried many tears for her and her family. I have shared this post, and am sending prayers. I have two beautiful daughters, one of them 8 years old, and have driven that stretch of highway a thousand times. I was looking on line to find out if ‘the mom’ had survived. Now I know her name. Beautiful Gilani, and beautiful Jayla. My heart breaks for her family. I will forever drive more carefully with her in my thoughts. love and light, S

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Thank you S for leaving a comment. I know how you feel. It’s very sad. Thank you for thinking of her and for taking the time to pray for her. She needs our prayers. Please come again. I should have an update tomorrow or the day after.

    Lord bless you S!

  • Rev. Dr. Wrenora O’Meagher

    Thank you for allowing all of us to touch this family’s lives during this tragic time. We all are in agreement for a miracle. It is difficult to keep up with Gilani’s progress. Would you be kind enough to update me. I did read the press review from the funeral, blessed Jayla. But still would like to know how Gilani is doing. Her injuries are extreme and her treatment will be as well. It may take time, but I am certain USC is one of the best if not the best place for her to be. God speed and hope to hear how she is progressing. Love, blessings and prayers. Dr. Wren

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Hello Rev. Dr. Wren. I have just updated this post. Gilani Taylor Update It’s very hard to get updates but I’m doing the best I can. I will surely do my best to keep everyone updated. Thank you so much for visiting and for praying for Gilani.

    Have a blessed week.

  • Amy

    This just touched my heart. Living in the San Fernando Valley I take highway often. I pray that God lifts this family up and comforts them. He has a beautiful new Angel as I am sure Jayla is now watching over her mommy. I surely hope Gilani is able to pull through. With Christ all things are possible. Thank you for this blog on these two Angels. I pray that they catch the person responsible for changing their lives forever. I hope you don’t mind if I share this. God Bless you.

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Thank you Amy for commenting and for praying for Gilani and her family! Of course it’s alright that you share this post. I want as many people to know about her as possible so that they’ll pray for her, and maybe give financial support in order to help the family.

    I’m hoping that Gilani will pull through as well. She’s had it rough very recently. Please keep praying.

    I’m very happy to write about Gilani. When I heard her story it touched me so much I knew that God wanted me to tell it to others. I am very happy to do that.

    I have written an update that was published today. Gilani Taylor Update Please check it out and continue to pray for her. I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

    God bless you as well, Amy. Have a blessed week!

  • Sheri

    God bless you for this! I read this story on Yahoo news just hours after it happened and haven’t been able to get it off my mind since. I was able to find Gilani on facebook that night and have been praying day and night, while trying to stay updated on her condition the best way I could online. The faith of her family and friends and the strength they have displayed through this has been such an inspiration to me and testimony to the world for Christ! I will continue to pray that Gilani will continue to be used for the glory of God and for her miraculous healing…I feel blessed to have found your site tonite. Thank you for what you’re doing and once again God bless you! Love, a sister in Christ in Birmingham, Alabama…

  • Samantha

    I know Gilani and her family personally. I was at Jayla’s homecoming and this is one of the hardest things I have ever witnessed. Her family is strong and close and very faithful so we ask that every person who thinks of this woman…remembers her name GILANI in their prayers. She is several surgeries in though not out of the woods yet, she is a fighte who continues to persevere.
    I am starting a fundraising event and will post details on this page when it is finalized. Again, any support is good support and prayers in numbers seem to be working so far so keep it up!!!

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Thank you Sheri for stopping by and for praying for Gilani and her family. The faith and strength of her family has been an inspiration to me as well. God is surely holding them up during this terrible time.

    Please continue to hold Gilani and her family up in prayer. I do not know them personally. But I know that they appreciate it.

    God bless you. Have a blessed weekend!

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Samantha, thank you for stopping by. Please keep me updated. There has been a lot of response to her story, particularly to this article. I’ve received lots of email. People want to know how she is, but the media is not staying on top of the story.

    Please email me with any information you have and I will edit the posts I have written about Gilani to keep the people updated. Click on “Contact Me” at the top of this page to email me.

    God bless you Samantha. My family and I, as well as the visitors of this blog, are holding her up in prayer daily.

    God bless you

  • STEF


  • Goodbye my beautiful angel. You will now be reunited with your beautiful daughter, Jayla. Condolences to Gilani Taylor’s Family & Friends (R.I.P. 10.21.2011)


    this was so beautiful done and very touch in as well. a grate job on this one here

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Thank you everyone for praying for Gilani and her family. She is out of pain now and is in the arms of Jesus. She is also reunited with her sweet daughter Jayla. Please continue to pray for the family, especially her husband Rodney and their young daughter Mimi!

  • Michael Floryan

    I met Gilani the first day of seventh grade at Monte Vista and grew up with her through high school. She was an absolutely wonderful person and had a great sense of humor. I am sorry that we did not keep in-touch after high school, but I am thankful for the memories I do have. It breaks my heart thinking about what her family has gone through and the pain her husband and young daughter are experiencing. I will continue to pray for her loved ones as they grieve, but it is comforting knowing that she is walking hand-in-hand with her daughter in God’s glory.

  • Derrick

    My prayers goes to the family of Gilani and daughter Jayla..May God welcome them in his kingdom with open arms.

  • me

    This is sad but she is in a better place where our Father God wants her to be. She was my friend’s cousin. Life is so short ya’ll.
    p.s.: Here’s a couple clips to view from one of my pastor’s sermons. He mentions situations like this in his clip(s).

    pt. 1

    pt. 2


    My prayers are with Gilani and Jayla Taylor’s family and friends. I too have been touched by this story, I have a 9 year old son and it could have been us. I am saddened by this tragedy but am somehow strengthen by the love for God and the praise that the husband and father Rodney Taylor has shouted to the mountains for Jesus! I will keep the Taylor family in my prayers and those deeply affected by this. Mrs. Gilani Taylor turned around October 21,2011 and went back to say Jayla, my beautiful angel, Mommy’s right here. Somehow this will all make sense by and by. Heaven has two beautiful angels and they are at His side. God Bless.

  • Elizabeth

    This is so heartbreaking. This makes me never want to take another moment on this planet for granted ever again. I will continue to pray for Gilani and Jayla and her family…I will also pray that the person responsible for this will be brought to justice, although it can’t bring these sweet souls back.

  • Connie & Tony Rivera

    Tony works with a good friend of Gilani, Daphne, and he has been updated frequently on her condition. We have thought about her often after seeing the news report that day and learning she was Daphne’s friend. This is tragic and the many posts here from people who didn’t know her but have been following her story and expressing how their lives have been affected by her tragedy is witness to how good and caring people can be. She seems to have been a lovely and loved person and her spirit lives on through the people who knew her and those who didn’t but have been touched and changed by her story. There is another beautiful soul in heaven today.

  • Gilani and Jayla are my nieces. Their presence will be missed and their faith will remain unwavering as it was in life. I’m so grateful to the Lord for sharing even an ounce of this Love with our family.
    Please always remember them, their love for God, their love for family. Never forget the shining example of love and faith we have been given.

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Thank you Tweeti for writing to me. I will never forget Gilani or Jayla. So many people are crying with you and your family. Our pain can’t compare to yours or the rest of the family’s. But we cry just the same.

    I’m grateful to God for allowing the world to get at least a glimpse of Gilani and Jayla, even though the circumstances that brought it about are so sad. I will never forget their strong faith, their love for God and family. I will always keep their memory close to my heart.

    I’ll get to meet them in Heaven one day. I have no doubt. And when I do I will tell them thank you for touching my life. They will always live in my heart.

    Thank you again for stopping by and leaving this message for me. I really appreciate it. God continue to bless you and the rest of the family!

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  • aisha crouch

    I was one of the first 911 operators who took this call as they came pouring in. I’ve heard thousands of tragic stories, but for some reason this one stuck in my head. I’ve been following the story ever since and to actually be able to see the faces of Gilani and her daughter brings much sadness to my heart. I pray for the Taylor family and their friends as they go through this difficult time. May God bless!

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  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Aisha Crouch, thank you for stopping by. I know that your heart must be hurting as well. Thank you for continuing to pray for the family. I’m sure that they appreciate it very much.

    God bless you as well!

  • I didn’t know Gelani or Jayla personally. But I know their story very well. Ever since the day I first heard of what happened I have prayed for them, for Gelani’s recovery and Kalya’s sunset. To the family, I am soo very sorry for your loss. They are both in a better place. This story hits me soo hard. A year ago my family went thru the same thing. My little brother too was in a car accident that resulted in a fire. My family had to deal with that devistation. I thank God everyday that he pulled my little brother thru. He may not be the same, but he is here. God truely does work miracles. I have cried for Gelani and Jayla just as I cried for my brother. Like I am reliving it all over again. They both will forever have a special place in my heart. I know that nuthing I say will make things better, but i felt that I needed to share with the family. If there is anything that I can do to help you in this time please let me know. My prayers and heart are always with you

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Hello Drea. I am very sorry for your lose. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment for the family and for keeping them in prayer. I’m sure that they are so appreciative of the fact that so many people have been touched by Gilani and Jayla’s life.

    Please visit if you haven’t already. There will you find out where to donate financially to the family to help pay off Gilani’s medical bills and to help pay for the upcoming memorial. As well as any other news they may decide to leave on the site in the future.

    Thank you again for stopping by. I will say a prayer for you and your family as well, who has also been through so much.

    God bless you!

  • MJ Harris

    Every since I heard about Gilani and Jayla’s story I have said a prayer. It breaks my heart any one and their family suffers so much pain. I know Jayla and Gilani are in a better place with our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope Gilani and Jayla’s family find some comfort in knowing they aren’t hurting any more. I hope they find the hit and run driver of that white SUV, I hope he or she turns themselves in. Jayla and Gilani’s family deserves justice. I will continue to pray for the Taylor family.

    R.I.P. Gilani and Jayla

  • Donnesha

    Can’t stop crying words can’t express…. I didn’t know you guys but my heart hurts.

    Gilani (I Know) video just shows how near our Father in heaven was near to her…

    May you both R.I.P…tears!

  • Ms Cash

    My son D’Andre went to school with Jayla. They played together, danced together & the way my son says it, “we rapped together” (smiles). When I picked my son up from school after they had notified the teachers & classmates of her tragic death, his eyes were red & he didn’t talk much. When I read the letter they sent home, I asked him if he was ok. He cried for 2 night straight. I cried with him, as I didn’t know what else to do at the time. Seeing my son grieve over his little friend was so heart-breaking, I couldn’t even imagine how her father & little sister is coping. This story has touched my heart in so many ways & has also touched the heart of my 9yr old. I had hoped & prayed for Gilani to make it through, but ad you say, it is Gods will. Since this has happened, my son has asked many questions. “Is Jayla goin to heaven?”… “Is she still hurting up there?”… “She’s gonna be lonely & miss her mommy huh?”… And now Im hearing, “Jayla has her mommy with her now, right?”… “They’re brand new cuz they’re with God, right mommy?”… This has not only brought me closer to God, but has also brought my son closer to God. I am so sad to hear of their loss… So very sad. But I’m glad to hear that she is not suffering anymore & that they ate noe together. My son will be sending a letter to Jayla’s daddy & sister, he insisted. I will continue to pray for their healing. Thank you so much for sharing & keeping us updated. God bless you.
    Ms. Cash

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Hello Ms. Cash. Thank you for writing. I’m sorry about your son’s loss. I know his poor little heart is still hurting. But it will get better in time. I’m glad that he’s come to the realization that
    Gilani and Jayla are together with God, happy and free from all suffering.

    Thank you for continuing to pray for the family. God bless you!

  • Brandon H.

    R.I.P. to two young beautiful souls. May the lord guide you both on your next journeys. One love.

  • Felicia G.

    I am still heart broken over this very sad story. I didn’t know either of them, but I’ve cried and felt sad for days. I just about have thought about them every day since I’ve found out, and in some ways, this tragic event has changed my life, and ways of thinking. Gilani and Jayla, may you forever rest in peace and in the arms of our maker, the Almighty God. To the family. I am terribly sorry for your loss and couldn’t even fathom the pain you are experiencing. May God hold you, and keep you and lift you. I hope that something beautiful comes out of this tragic event. God bless you all.

  • Gilani Taylor was basically a God mother to me, so this weakens my heart. But the thing that sends strength not only to me but the rest of the family members is knowing that her and Jayla knew Christ before they knew themselves. Knowing that there was a guarantee on their lives is bittersweet poetry. Many may not know the ‘inside scoop’ behind her passing away because by the grace of God she was going to be okay but God gave Gilani the chance to make a decision. Her husband was speaking to her before she passed and he said ‘it’s okay if you want to go be with God and Jayla’ and right after he said that she passed. It’s beautiful how God works and I just thank God for the life of my God mom and I thank Him even more for the everlasting life she will endure. I love you Jayla and Gilani<3

  • Sally Lou Young

    What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.

  • Dorothy Lora

    Just heard about this story today im sooooo sad and have tears coming down my eyes my thoughts and prayers goes out to her family!

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Thank you Dorothy for stopping by and for praying for the family. I know that it must give them comfort to know that so many people have been touched by Gilani and Jayla, and that so many people stand with them in prayer as they continue to grieve the tremendous loss of their loved ones.

    God bless you! Have a blessed week.

  • Bernadette Manansala

    A song by Lisa Lavie. Cue to 101 & 102 for Jayla & Gilani…R.I.P.

  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Thank you for posting this Bernadette. God bless you!