Shadow in Serenity by Terri Blackstock Book Review

Shadow in Serenity is a Christian Suspense novel that tells the story of Carny Sullivan, a former Carnival kid that’s since left the life, and has found love, God and a home in Serenity, Texas.

All seems well in her adopted hometown until Logan Brisco, a con man out to suck Serenity dry, comes to town and threatens to turn the town and the people that she loves upside down.

What Logan hadn’t planned on is Carny’s ability to see right through him. The rest of Serenity is blind to his charms, eating the lies that he tells out of the palm of his hand, not knowing that he’s out to fleece them. Only Carny, who grew up learning how to con others as a child in her parents traveling carnival, knows the kind of man Logan really is behind the slick smile, fast talk and designer suits.

Can Carny expose Logan’s lies and no good ways before he builds an amusement park that could destroy the peace and tranquility of Serenity, Texas before it’s too late? The only real home that Carny has ever known? Or will her heart be her downfall?

I liked the book. It was a good read. It was slow in places. I was surprised by how gullible the towns people were. I would have thought that more people besides Carny would have seen through Logan. It seemed unrealistic to me that only Carny knew the deal about Logan, and that no one was willing to listen to reason. I also thought that the ending or near ending was a little too “clean.” After all the lies and deceit perpetrated against the townspeople I would have expected things to be different. Something a little more true to life. I can’t expound on that more without giving the story away. At the same time I believe that I can understand the why of it and what the author was trying to show people. The message behind it all. I get it. I believe that you will too. Perhaps you will feel differently about it than I do. I was also expecting more suspense as it’s supposed to be a suspense novel. But it was more of a romance novel in actuality.

This was the first book I’ve ever read by Terri Blackstock. I had heard of her but never had the opportunity to check out her work before. I was very happy when the opportunity to read her work presented itself. I had heard that she was a good storyteller. I heard rightly. While I had a couple of issues that I mentioned I was not disappointed in the story as a whole. Shadow in Serenity was very well written. I liked Carny a lot. She’s fearless. She has a lot of fire. Not all wimpy and super dainty like some of these female characters in books in the Christian market. She was real. Logan was so smarmy in the beginning of the story I was sure I would hate him to the end. But He surprised me. His character development was good. His character is pretty complex. You’ll be surprised by his growth. You should definitely check out this book. I will surely be reading this book again. I give it four stars.

Take a moment to view the trailer below for the book “Shadow in Serenity”. It may whet your appetite for the book even more!

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  • barak

    Texas people are way more intresting then in other states. Cant wait to read this book. thanks for the trailer, it does give appetite! 🙂
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  • Haneefah “Queen” Turner

    Thank you for stopping by! Please visit again. Have a great weekend. God bless you. 🙂

  • John

    Thanks for giving the video as it lets one imagine the characters while reading the book. I think I will read this book. Thanks for giving your honest opinion.
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  • Steve

    I liked the review. But, I want to know that why it has been described as a Christian novel?
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