This Thing of Ours by Cammy Franzese Book Review

This Thing of Ours by Cammy Franzese is her autobiography as the wife of ex-mobster Michael Franzese of the Colombo Crime Family. She speaks openly and frankly of all that she endured for 10 years. While her husband was locked away doing hard time in Federal Prison. Cammy even endured being arrested herself and thrown in jail to try to back her husband into corner. Her life went from being almost like a fairy tale to completely being spun out of control. It wasn’t the life she planned for herself. But she was determined not to allow her choices, as well as her husbands bad choices, tear her family apart. With God by her side she would remain devoted to her husband and be strong for her family. Cammy tells us that life is full of choices and the consequences of those choices. But that with God you can be strong, endure, and overcome.

I enjoyed this story a great deal. I wasn’t sure if I would. But I came into it with an open mind and was rewarded with a story that was compelling, thought provoking, and sad in many ways. Cammy is a strong woman who suffered through a great deal. Her denial about the life her husband led was incredible. But she took full responsibility for her choices and stayed by her husbands side. Choices, consequences, and the dealing of them, as well as and faith in God, is the recurring theme.

I also appreciated how she stayed true to her faith in this book. I’ve read quite a few “Christian” books where God and trusting and leaning on Him are completely downplayed. So much so that I have had to ask myself is this even a “Christian” book. In an effort to appeal to the masses, or even to simply glorify self, God, and His Son Jesus Christ, are an afterthought. But Cammy reminds us in her book numerous times that without God she is nothing and can do nothing. I honestly believe that you will enjoy this book. Yes, her decision to turn a blind eye, to what many would say was obvious, and marry Michael, who at the time was not saved, which means they were unequally yoked, which we are warned about in the Word of God, was a bad decision. But, God used it for good. A great deal of good actually. To learn about how good you’ll have to read the book. I also liked her Mother who was a real prayer warrior and amazing woman of God. Everyone should have someone like her in her corner. She was awesome.

I don’t give high marks easily. But I give this book five stars! I was touched by Cammy’s story and I believe that you will be too. I highly recommend this book.

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