A New Year, A New Beginning

With a new year comes new challenges. But it also brings with it new opportunities. Some people look at the new year with dread. They whine and complain. “Another year has been lost and wasted. Here’s to another year and my dreams have not come true. I’m still struggling. Things are still hard. Life is still rough. When am I going to get my time to shine? When do I catch a break?”

I know that feeling. It’s that feeling of not knowing your purpose; of feeling that your sorrow is unending. “Why am I here Lord? Is this all there is?” I’m here to tell you that things do get better. But it takes time. Joy does come in the morning. It’s hard to believe that when you wake up and you’re facing unemployment, poverty, illness, addiction, abuse or whatever your struggle may be. But you know God is bigger than it all. He can and will turn it around.

Here is a new beginning. What will you do with it? Sometimes we sit back and wait on God to move when He’s waiting for us to move. What can you do where you are, no matter how small? Look at your gifts; your God-given talents. We all them. Proverbs 18:16 says that

“A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”

In what way can you use your gifts and talents to improve your circumstances? Look for opportunities to improve your life. Take advantage of whatever you can as long as you aren’t sinning. Don’t lose your Joy. You can have Joy even when happiness is far behind.

God will make a way out of no way. He does it everyday. And because God is not a respecter of persons, if He’s done it before for others, He can do it for you too. Believe that this year your breakthrough will come. Don’t stop praying and fasting for it. But also don’t stop looking for opportunities to step out on faith and find ways to better yourself.

I am believing that your dreams will come true this year. I’m believing the same for me and I will never stop disbelieving because I know that God is working everything out for my good. And I know He is doing the same for you too. I’m going to hold on to my dreams until God makes them a reality. Will you do the same?

Don’t look at last year as another year wasted. Everyday that you get to see is a blessing. Look forward to what God is going to do for you in the new year as an opportunity for positive change and blessings. Remember, God didn’t have to bless you to see the new year at all. Or this day for that matter. The fact that you are still here means that He isn’t through with you yet. God hasn’t counted you out. So don’t counted yourself out either. The devil is a liar. Stop listening to Satan and start listening to God. If you’d stop believing your enemies lies and start filling up on your Heavenly Father’s love and the promises He has made to you in His Word, you’d cease to live a life of defeat regardless of what the circumstances look like.

You have a choice to make. You can live a life of defeat or live a life of victory. You can sit back and do the same things you have always done, hoping that this time things will miraculously change, or you can stand up and make a change. What will you choose?

Don’t use your struggles as an excuse for not becoming what you want. Or for life not being what you want it to be. There is always something for us to do no matter how small. Sometimes circumstances do put chains on us. But are you going to just allow yourself to stay in bondage or find a way out. No matter the struggles in your life, everyday that you wake up is a new beginning, a blessing and a gift. What will you do with it? Think about it.

God bless you

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