It’s The Thought That Counts

Have you ever really wanted to help someone financially but you honestly couldn’t? I know in these economic times being able to give when you may be in need yourself is tough. You turn on the TV and see poor hungry children starving to death and you want to help, but you can’t. Or you learn about natural disasters taking place in all over the world. People are dying or becoming homeless and you would love to help out, but there is no way. You may be having a hard time paying all of your bills, keeping food on the table, providing for yourself or your family. And there is just no way you can afford to open your pocket book for another. It’s rough.

I was going through the Proverbs and I came upon this verse from Proverbs 19:22 KJV

“The desire of a man is his kindness: and a poor man is better than a liar.”

Sometimes just the desire to do good is enough when we are genuinely unable to give. The desire in your heart is your kindness. God sees your heart. He knows that if you could do that good financial deed, or any good deed for that matter, that you would. He knows if you are making excuses. He knows whether you genuinely care or not for others, and wish to do good. It is also a reference to the person that desires to obtain greater wealth for the purpose of using it to bless others. Or is already blessed with wealth and seeks out ways to share it with the less fortunate. This verse is for all who desire to do the good and right thing whether they have the means to do it or not.

“…and a poor man is better than a liar.”

The liar is the rich person, or the person that is simply financially “comfortable” that claims to be unable to do for others when he/she is obviously quite able. Or even worse than that, the person promises to do for the poor but then doesn’t. Greed won’t let the person part with their money. They want to horde it all for themselves and not be a blessing for others. They are self-centered, self-indulgent and greedy. They loves themselves more than God and their fellow man. They are only concerned with satisfying themselves. Their hearts are empty of love.

This makes the poor man the better man,as described in this verse, because while he is unable to ease the financial burden of another, or to give anything to anyone, he has the desire to do so. While the lying rich man who has great wealth will not part with a small portion of it to help another. Please note that poor people are not better than the rich because they are poor. This verse is about those who have little or nothing to give, but have the desire to give. And the rich individuals that have the means to give, but don’t for purely selfish reasons. No man or woman is better than another no matter how much or little they have. God is not a respecter of persons the Bible tells us in Acts 10:34 KJV. It’s important that we are clear on this.

I use to hear the saying “It’s the thought that counts” often growing up. I didn’t believe that the thought counted for anything. The thought doesn’t fix what needs to be fixed. It doesn’t help whatever the situation is. But now I know better. When you have the means to give do so, even if it’s just giving a few dollars to someone, or maybe a donation of clothing and what not to your favorite charity, do it. This includes your time as well. Money alone is not always the answer. Sometimes you have to give of yourself.

Don’t attempt to use Proverbs 19:22 or this message as an excuse to NOT give. God sees all. He knows if you can truly give or not. We are told to be cheerful givers. Give what you can when you can. It doesn’t matter how little. Remember the poor widow mentioned in Mark 12:43? All she was able to give was two mites, which was all she had. But her heart was in the right place and Jesus saw it. Just know that when you really can’t give, or can but not very much, that God understands.

It is better by far to have a heart to do good, even if you are without the means to do so for the moment, than to have the means and no heart for the doing of good. There is nothing more sad and ugly that to have a black heart devoid of love and compassion. I pray that God will fill your hearts, as well as my own, with compassion and love for others and give you a servants heart.

God bless you all

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