Let Him Bless You

God loves us so much. He blesses us so much and they are immeasurable. It’s amazing to me how He can love us so much when we are obviously so undeserving. But I am truly grateful for His blessings.

God’s Word tells us that He will withhold nothing from those that love Him. God enjoys blessing us. He wants to do that. But many times instead of opening ourselves up to receive the great things God has for us we cling to what we believe is best. We often come to God with our minds made up about what we think we truly want and need, without ever asking God if that’s truly His will for us.

It’s not wrong to ask God for what you want or need. But don’t be so caught up in always having things your own way that you miss some of the greatest blessings God has in store for you. God wants to bless you. He enjoys doing good things for His children. Allow God to take you places you never imagined.

Don’t always look for what you can get. But trust God, love Him, and worship Him. Let Him pour out His blessings in His own time. You will find yourself wondering why you clung so much to having your own way, when God’s ways are always so much better!

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Lord bless you,

Haneefah Turner

About Queen Haneefah Turner

Queen Haneefah Turner is an Artist. A Creative. An Ambassador for Christ. A world changer. Changing the World One Word At A Time. An inspiration and uplifter of others.
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