Getting Back In The Game

It’s been two years since I’ve written anything on this blog. And what a time it’s been. Without getting too personal, let’s just say that the last year had been a real test of my strength and even my faith. I’ve had a lot of “Why, Lord?” moments. It’s been hard. It was never my intention to not blog. But life got in the way and I just didn’t have the energy or the focus necessary to keep up.

But writing is one of my many passions. My first

passion since I was a child. And I could never give up writing. So I’m back with a vengeance and a new focus.

I’ve been wanting to change the focus of this blog for a long while now, and the time for change is now. I needed time to be sure I was making the right decision, and I know that I am. This blog will always be Faith-based in that how I operate my blog is in accordance with my faith. (No profanity or X-rated material). But I’m more than just my faith and I want to write about all things that interest me with perhaps the occasional (or not so occasional) faith based slant. I no longer want to write devotional material only. Devotionals have their place. And I will still write them from time to time as I am led. But there is more that I can do with my writing gifts than that. I have not been called to be a Devotional writer. There are those that write only that. Good for them! That’s just not me.

There is this belief that if you are a Christian you can only write about Christ-centered things. That’s not true. A Christian can write about anything as long as it honors God. I am not a Christian Writer. I am a writer that happens to be Christian. I have been given a gift for words that I want to share with you and the rest of the world and I hope that you will appreciate it even if it’s not “churchy.”

When I’m led to write something Faith-based I will happily do that. And when I’m led to write a non faith-based work I will also do that. Whatever I feel like writing about is what I will write about. I will no longer allow any limits on my gifts.

I refuse to be boxed in any longer in this box of my own making. When I became a Christian years ago the consensus was that everything I did would be Christ-focused and that would include my writing. I thought that one of the only ways that I could honor God was to use my gift writing only Faith-based material. Especially since so many people use their gifts to dishonor God. But while I will ALWAYS be a Christian, I can no longer allow my work to exist in that box. It’s stifling and I need to breathe. I CAN honor God and write in a way that pleases Him even if everything I write isn’t explicitly Christian or Faith-based in nature. This blog is called “Reflections of a Queen,” so allow me to “reflect” on whatever I choose, as I choose, and whenever I choose.

So from this moment on I will create art in whatever form it may come. To create art and be as creative as God has given me the gift and the ability to be. To walk in my destiny and my gifting without labels.

Martin Luther once said “ If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”

That’s what I intend to do. To be an Artist. To be a Creative. To be an Ambassador for Christ no matter what I do. To be a world changer. Changing the World One Word At A Time. To be inspirational and to uplift others whenever I can. But to also be fun-loving, laid back and chill because there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and spreading some cheer! I hope that you will join me on this new journey and enjoy the ride.

Haneefah Queen Turner

Copyright 2014

About Queen Haneefah Turner

Queen Haneefah Turner is an Artist. A Creative. An Ambassador for Christ. A world changer. Changing the World One Word At A Time. An inspiration and uplifter of others.
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