Are You A Good Person?

Take the “Are You A Good Person” test below and find out if you’re good enough to make it into Heaven!

Or view this short video below

Everybody wants to believe that they will go to Heaven will they die, but that is just not true. It takes more than just being a “good person” to make it in. View the comics below to find out what it DOES take. Also be sure to read the post “There Is None Righteous” to learn why being good is not enough. As well as the post “Heaven or Hell? It’s Your Choice” to discover that where you end up for eternity is completely up to you.

Free Comics

Enjoy the free comics below. I hope that they will be a blessing to you.

This comic changes to a new one automatically every two months. I have no control of how often it changes or to which comic it changes to. I hope that you will be blessed by it.

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