Out With the Old. In With the New

December 31, 2008. The last day of the year 2008. Can you believe it? It feels like time really flew this year. I look back on the last year and I’m amazed at all I’ve learned and all that I’ve overcome. I did not achieve all that I had hoped to. I did not work on my book as much as I had intended, and therefore was unable to complete it for example. However, I did finally get my blog up and running, and you know what? I’m very proud of that! That is a major achievement. It took Continue reading

Christmas Is All In The Heart

We’re living in tough times right now and people are concerned about not being able to provide a big “traditional” Christmas for their families this year. I heard it said that a woman told a friend about having a “dollar store” Christmas because she couldn’t afford toys from the major toy chains and department stores. Perhaps you can relate. I can. I also was Continue reading