He’s Never Broken A Promise

People can’t always be trusted. At least not 100% of the time. As imperfect people it is impossible for us to behave perfectly at all times. Most people mean well but because of our imperfections we will always fall short. People break promises, lie, cheat, steal, break hearts, and will sometimes even betray you. That doesn’t mean that you should live your life in fear of being hurt or suspicious of all people. That’s neither a healthy or Godly way to live. But it’s important to never put people in God’s place.

“God has never made a promise He didn’t keep. Trust Him. God can do anything EXCEPT fail.” Click To Tweet

Completely Dependable

God is the only One who is completely dependable. The only one any Continue reading

Thoughts of Peace and Not of Evil

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11 KJV

Why is it that when things go wrong one of the first things that people do is blame God? God is not responsible for the ugly things in our lives. God’s thoughts for us are of peace and love, never evil. We are quick to forget that when bad things come our way or we don’t get our way. It is because He loves that we don’t always get our way. God’s plans for us are far greater than our plans for ourselves.

It is because Continue reading

While I’m Waiting by John Waller

I’m sorry that I didn’t post this past Tuesday. But I have something to make it up for your you today! This is one of my favorite songs from the Fireproof Soundtrack. It’s about staying strong and trusting in the Lord even when things are hard, and continuing Continue reading

Until The End of the World


Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the World — Matthew 28: 20 KJV

I love this verse. Get it down deep into your heart and hide it there for when you need it. Jesus promised to be there for us always, even until the end of the world. Not sometimes. Always! Doesn’t that just warm your heart? Doesn’t that just make you feel good? That verse is of tremendous comfort to me when I’m scared or feeling alone because I know that Jesus is by my side at ALL times! It’s a promise that He made to Continue reading

Evening Devotional with Charles H. Spurgeon

“O Lord of hosts, how long wilt thou not have mercy upon Jerusalem? … And the Lord answered the angel … with good words and comfortable words.” – Zec_1:12, Zec_1:13

What a sweet answer to an anxious enquiry! This night let us rejoice in it. O Zion, there are good things in store for thee; thy time of travail shall soon be over; thy children shall be brought forth; thy captivity shall end. Bear patiently the rod for a season, and under the darkness still trust in God, for his love burneth towards thee. God loves the church with a love too deep for human imagination: he loves her with all his infinite heart. Therefore let her sons be of good courage; she cannot be far from prosperity to whom God speaketh “good words and comfortable words.”

What these comfortable words are the prophet goes on to tell us: “I am jealous for Jerusalem and for Zion with a great jealousy.” The Lord loves his church so much that he Continue reading

If He Did It Once

Sometimes when things are bad and we get desperate or just wrapped up in our troubles we forget. Forget what you ask? We forget about God and what He’s already done for us before.

We get freaked out. It feels like God isn’t hearing us. Maybe He won’t Continue reading

What Will Your Story Be?

What have you done with your life? If you were to die tomorrow, would you have died with your dreams still in you? Or would you have died having given them birth?

All of my life I have wanted to write. And for the last several years I have been crippled by my fear of rejection. A couple years ago I made up mind to work on my book. The book that has been in my heart for years. I’ve given myself 5 years to write it. I’ve got three years left. It’s a slow process. But you know what? It’s worth the hard work and effort, as slow going as it is. I’ve always wanted to write a book, and I will do that. That’s my dream. I want to be a published writer. I want to be successful. I want to make a living as an author, which I believe to be my calling in this life. I’m working on it, and I know that I will achieve this goal.

People die everyday full of hopes and dreams for a better life, a better Continue reading

Gigi’s Big Break DVD Review – Based on the Books Gigi, God’s Little Princess by Sheila Walsh

Sheila Walsh’s Gigi’s Big Break

Gigi’s Big Break was a wonderful DVD for young girls. Gigi’s Big Break is based on the books Gigi, God’s Little Princess, written by author, singer and former host of the 700 Club Sheila Walsh, and tells the story of  a young Christian girl named Gigi as she learns life’s lessons and how to live for the Lord.

Each DVD contains two stories and is based on a Bible verse.

In the first video “The White Lie” after breaking a vase in the living room while dancing Gigi tells many lies to try to hide her crime as well as her guilt and shame. Gigi soon learns that it does not pay to be untruthful, and that to lie will always create more problems than it solves. It is a cute story about honesty and God’s forgiveness. Based on 1 John 1:8-9.

In the second video “The Pink Surprise” all is well in Gigi’s world until she finds out that her Mother is pregnant. Initially she is very excited until her young friends lead her to believe that siblings are nothing but a pain, and that her parents will not love her as much as before and will not want her any longer. Gigi comes to learn that parents have more than enough love for all of their children just as God has more than enough love for all of His, and  that to be first in life is not the most important thing in the world. That God has many more blessings in store for us than just being number one by the world’s standards. She may not be able to claim all of her parents attention, but she is still very loved. Based on  Luke 10:21.

I liked this DVD. It was simple enough for a child to easily grasp, but not so syrupy that it would be unbearable for adults to watch. The stories were short and fast paced in order to keep the child engaged.

I personally found it to be highly entertaining and would recommend it to any parent looking for wholesome family entertainment that is not only fun to watch, but teaches children the will of God, how much He loves them, and the value he places in them.

I am a member of the Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger Program “BookSneeze”. I received a copy of this DVD free of charge in order to review it. I was not paid for this review. I also was not required to give a positive review, but to give my honest opinion of what I  felt about the product. Whether positive or negative, this is my honest opinion of the product.